When you announce that you want to create a logo for your business, there will be many voices telling you to hire a professional logo designer or risk failure. And this warning tends to work considering that you can pay of $100 to $5000 today to get a logo designed for you. But letting a professional designer create your logo does not guarantee that you will get your ROI. This explains why the majority of business owners today slant towards premium or even free logo maker software to create their own logos. But doing it yourself can result in mistakes which you may not be aware of, including:

Mimicking competitors’ logos is a common mistake with new business owners using free logo maker software

The gravest mistake you can make as a business owner when creating your logo is mimicking a competitor’s logo. This normally happens if you used the same free logo maker software the competitors used to create their logo. To prevent this from occurring, you have to inject your own creativity by playing around with the fonts, colors, icons, and shapes. If your logo is miles apart from the competition, it will help customers to identify your brand and only buy from you.

It’s easy to make bad color choices when using free logo maker software

Take the time to choose the colors to use on your logo. This might be easier said than done because striking a balance to ensure that your chosen colors align with your brand can be tricky. For example, banks use blue color on their logos because it depicts trust and prosperity. If you are poor at color selection, you might choose an orange color for a bank logo, and that will not help your business.

Choosing any font you come across is a common mistake with those using a free online logo and download software

Fonts, like colors, can be challenging to pick when designing your logo. With a huge array of fonts available these days, you may be tempted to choose one that you come across first. To come up with a professional and unique logo, you need to think like an expert logo designer. The fonts you choose should align with your business needs and goals, be legible, consider your customers’ age and demographics, and read widely about typefaces and their applications and test out the fonts on the logo to see how they look for real.


There are many other mistakes you could make when designing a logo using free logo maker software, such as communicating a lot via your business logo, adding the latest logo design trends, not proofreading your logo, and adding special characters. These mistakes can inhibit the growth of your business, so it’s best to know them upfront before you create your logo.